Outdoor wedding planned?


If you are planning an outdoor wedding you really ought to consider having a mini PA system with a necktie microphone to make the vows audible to the spectators. It makes a huge difference to the experience, and, I can record it! For the small extra expense why would you not do that?

References Updated


From now on we are going to keep this site regularly updated. References are the first step. The next will be valuable information about upcoming events! People in the know, know that if they attend an event where we are providing sound, the sound will be excellent!

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We provide quality sound for all kinds of bands and events.

We’ll be updating everything, including our calendar of events, which will include an exciting summer of music, with sound provided by Clarity Sound, home of superior sound quality!

Please share this site with your friends and anyone you know who is planning any type of event, large or small, that needs sound, including:

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