Equipment List


Summary: Our equipment provides full and clear live band or prerecorded sound for large and small audiences both indoors and outside. All event contracts include a highly qualified operator and full setup and teardown services. All you provide is the venue.

  • 24 inputs from the stage
  • 32-channel board
  • Substantial front end
  • 4 – Monitor mixes
  • All the EQ’s and effects needed
  • All the mic’s and cabling needed
  • Additional systems suitable for smaller events and other public address needs

The Front end consists of 18”,15”,10” woofers with 1” horns, with a 4 way crossover system. The parameters of the settings of the crossover were set using a realtime analyzer, providing a system that is very balanced in the entire range of audible frequencies. This provides exceptional tone and clarity.

Professional Scaffolding with Safety Rails Available: Where appropriate the top speakers are elevated on quality scaffolding with safety railings.

Detailed Equipment Information

Console and Effects

  • 32 Channel Allen and Heath stereo with 4 sub groups and 6 Aux
  • 6 – AB brand 31 band equalizers for stage monitors
  • 2 – Dod brand 31 band equalizers for front of house
  • 4 – 15 band equalizers for individual channel or group, insert patching
  • 4 – Alesis compressors for insert patching
  • Quad limiter (4 channels – 2 for front end & 2 for insert patching)
  • Midiverb III reverb unit
  • Ibanez digital delay unit
  • Lexicon Digital delay unit (has foot or finger tap for delay timing setting)
  • Quad limiter (4 channels, 2 for front end, 2 for insert patching)
  • Rane RTA
  • System Allows Stereo front end and up to 4 monitor mixes on stage

Front End System

  • 3 way stereo crossover and multipurpose device (Driverack)
  • 2 way Crossover for sub signal
  • 4 – (2 each 18″ woofer subs) (Genz Benz)
  • 16 – 15″ plus 10″ driver trapezoid speakers with horns (Genz Benz)

Monitor System

  • On stage monitor system: Yamaha MC3210M Console up to 8 mixes possible. Splitters for all inputs, fully transformer isolated to reduce the possibility of ground noise.
  • Four noise gates with insert patches
  • Mix 1 (front): 3 each 15 wedges w/horns (Genz Benz)
  • Mix 2 left side: 2 each 15″ wedges w/horns (Genz Benz)
  • Mix 3 right side: 2 each 15″ wedges w/horns (Genz Benz)
  • Drum monitors: 15″ sub w/1 each 15″ wedges w/horns (Genz Benz)
  • This is a suggested monitor arrangement. Other combinations are available.

By special arrangement we can supply an on-stage monitor board with up to 8 mixes for an additional charge.